Camellia Redko

CollabArt: A Shareable AI-Based Interface for an Image-Editing Software

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Duration: 1 week

My Roles: UX designer

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Research Prototyping
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Figma Adobe Photoshop Paint Tool SAI

In December 2022, after conducting desk research on shareable interfaces, I created a prototype for an image-editing software with unique AI and collaboration features in my Interaction Design class. This prototype, called "CollabArt," divides up work among team members working on an art project and generates coloring samples for submitted line art. Its AI features include an "Autofill" feature, where users feed the AI line art and the AI produces possible ways to color in the image. Estimated times for the user to color an image with such complexity are given; and estimated times are used to help divide up work accordingly. Its collaboration features include the ability for team members to work on the same image simultaneously, the visibility of each user's cursor and history of actions, the splitting of tasks among users, a visual of the team's progress, and a chatroom. A demonstration of this prototype can be viewed below: